Energy Utilities

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So, what’s a Utility anyway?

Most users of energy pay a monthly gas or electricity Utility bill. Many home and business owners don’t realize that in some states and provinces across North America you have the ability to choose who your Utility buys your gas and electricity from. Switching service providers usually means savings for you! Cool, right?

First, let’s understand how energy servicing and delivery works in deregulated areas. In the energy landscape, there are three main players: you, the end user of energy, suppliers or service providers, and utility companies.

Suppliers (sometimes called Service Companies): Sell energy needed to power a home or business. Suppliers provide the actual natural gas or electricity to your utility company. If your service location is in a deregulated state or market, you have the ability to choose and switch your gas or electricity supplier. Switching your electricity or gas supplier usually results in savings on your bills.

Utilities: The companies who deliver the natural gas and electricity purchased direct from suppliers. Utility companies are responsible for delivering reliable power to all service locations. You do not have the power to choose your Utility company in regulated or deregulated energy markets but you do have the ability to choose your supplier or energy service provider.

What are Utility companies responsible for? Utilities deliver everyone their power. They are who you call when there’s an outage.

Utilities work in local areas. To find what utilities you can start service with or switch to, find your state below and click Get Rates

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Utilities: