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Utilities: The companies who deliver the natural gas and electricity purchased direct from suppliers. Utility companies are responsible for delivering reliable power to all service locations. You do not have the power to choose your Utility company in regulated or deregulated energy markets but you do have the ability to choose your supplier or energy service provider.

There are many benefits of choosing your supplier. Here are some of the ways deregulation can positively impact you:

  • Buying directly from suppliers rather than through your local utility almost always means lower rates, lower bills, and more control.
  • When you choose your energy supplier you can compare types of electricity and natural gas plans. Often you'll have the option for a fixed plan. Fixed plans mean you're locked into a low fixed rate. Check out all available plan types for your home or business here.
  • Knowing what type of energy you're buying and how it was made gives you the choice to make a positive environmental impact.
  • Customization: Building a custom energy plan for your home or business that fits your unique needs means receiving more reliable service and a fair, low rate. Now you have the power to pick the type of plan, rates, terms, and length of your energy contracts.
  • Better risk planning: In regulated markets, homes and businesses are vulnerable to expensive energy bills during high demand periods (rates spike in the winter for gas while and Gas rates and bills spike in in the summer for electricity). Locking in a fixed rate when the market is low protects you from rate spikes without impacting the price you pay per unit for your electricity or gas usage. This saves you money that you can allocate to new projects, product lines, or other company enhancements.

How do I know if I can switch my service provider?

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What is an Energy Contract?

After deregulation of the energy marketplace in the United States, energy suppliers are increasingly transforming the way they procure energy and transport it to your business. An energy contract, alternatively an electricity power agreement, is a contract drawn between two parties – the energy supplier who generates energy, and the buyer who purchases and uses energy.

There are namely three mainly two types of energy contracts, namely a fixed contract and a flexible, and combination energy contracts. The third option, Combination Both types of contracts are sourced through commercial energy suppliers and encompass a wide range of energy-related services and tariff agreements. From the point-of-view of business energy procurement, deciding between different types of energy contracts entails an in-depth consideration of the available options.

Types of Plans

Fixed Energy Contract: A fixed energy contract allows you to lock in a certain energy rate for the entire length of your contract. A fixed energy contract is ideal for business owners who have a set energy budget and wish to reduce uncertainty or risk to have more control over their energy bills and want to always know how much they are paying for their usage. You are locked into a fixed rate, and any attempts to terminate Early termination fees with this type of contract depend on the unique details of each offering. Octipower always calls these out for you so there are never any surprises.

Flexible Energy Contract: As opposed to the fixed energy agreement, a flexible energy contract is a customized, risk-free flexible energy plan that offers predictable certainty on the best times to buy. In effect, flexible energy contracts allows your business to benefit from variable wholesale energy prices, thus letting you maximize on the most advantageous time and market rates.

Combination Energy Contract: Combining the fixed and flexible features of an energy contract provides you with a hybrid utility management solution for your business’ energy needs. This combination arrangement will enables you to benefit from two energy purchasing solutions. A combination or hybrid energy contract, uses two approaches for to managing your portfolio. thus managing your For your locations with more variable usage a fixed rate plan will be used, . And, for locations with more stable consumption, a flexible energy plan is used.

Energy is an important traded commodity, one on which businesses rely heavily. While there are a number of different types of energy contracts and power purchase agreements available for purchasing energy, one method is not necessarily better than the other. As a business owner, it’s important you understand your unique requirements and needs, Octipower is here to help you determine which contracts best serves you.

Octipower works with most service providers, suppliers and utility companies in North America. If you’re shopping for a new service provider we’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete list of all energy suppliers we work with

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