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As of 2019, 24 US states, Washington DC and 3 provinces in Canada have transitioned to deregulated energy markets. Despite the massive areas deregulation covers, many consumers know very little about deregulation and the benefits it brings to them and their home and your businesses.

All or portions are deregulated energy territories:

Map of United States showing deregulated states

Many factors go into the price of natural gas and electricity. Thus, it’s important for consumers to shop for rates from energy suppliers and compare prices that fit their unique needs. The way households use energy is much different than a business or industrial building. Below we provide an overview in consumption and costs between how homes and businesses consume energy. States with the highest electricity bills in 2018 were: Hawaii, Connecticut, Alabama, South Carolina and Mississippi. Wondering what the national average utility bill cost is? We’ve included that for you below as well!

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Octipower works with over 100 electricity and natural gas suppliers across the United States and Canada. Tired of your high energy bill? Not sure what the best electricity price you can get for your service location is? That’s why we’re here. To help you save on your energy bills. Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer we bring the most licensed suppliers and their best daily rates to you everyday.