Compare the Lowest Natural Gas and Electricity Rates

Maximize savings on your utility bills

Octipower is a multifaceted business intelligence tool.

We give you a clear, transparent view into what your energy options are and how to secure the best rate available.

Octipower is a high value, minimum risk solution for your business. We help businesses across North America purchase energy faster, cheaper, more intelligently. Shop our supplier marketplace of 100+ service provides.

We are committed to connecting you to suppliers who offer the best value at the lowest cost. Comparing public daily rates and requesting competitive bids from our suppliers is always free on Octipower. Leverage Octipower’s Artificial Intelligence and increase knowledge and capabilities across your organization.


Our 3 proprietary pricing options Instant Quote, Competitive Bids Auction, and Custom Quotes give you proven ROI. No more consultants, brokers or hidden fees.


Octipower is your market advisor that provides your business personalized recommendations on the best type of contract, its length, supplier and terms.


Seamless decision making for all of your unique energy needs:

  • Contract Renewals
  • Switching Providers
  • Consolidating multiple contracts into one
  • Bill Paying
  • Bill Auditing
  • Help starting a new contract

Bring the power of AI to your Business

Octipower’s powerful processing continuously analyzes public and private market data and delivers energy market alerts to help prioritize what’s important for your business.

Recover time

Quick enrollment in under 3 minutes, paperless e-signing, no broker intervention, direct & dedicated access to your account manager before, during, and after signing your contracts.